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Aksstagga Story

Where dreams come true


“Aksstagga” Brand itself has a story and beautiful meaning as it consists of all the initials of people important to me and people who contributed to its existence today. The meaning is also very significant - Aks meaning Reflection and Tagga meaning thread so as Aksstagga we want to personify your reflection through our thread work creations.


"Aksstagga” will not be a Brand but a feeling, which will create heirlooms to be owned. We plan to bring together the depleting past and infinite future together. When the whole world is moving from manpower to machines, we plan to move over from machines to manpower. This will also be our contribution to society by reviving the dying art of hand-embroidery, not only from our country but world heritages, and providing the talented artisans a work they and their ancestors have been proud of doing. By doing this we will be able to give respectable jobs to the poor class people including the right to stand proudly on their feet to the ladies of these families. “You Dream We create” The very essence of Aksstagga Klasse Coutures existence. Every person has a designer inside them, and we prioritise to design that perfect product for you that you are imagining in your mind. We create bespoke products based on your choices through personalised appointments.

"Aksstagga" will be a brand that will try to be authentic to the core, our belief is that our end-users are going to be real people even if they are from the film industry or business people or service class people or real home-makers therefore we would try to use real-life models then reel-life models. Following this, as my inspiration for this theme, were my kids and the bonds around them, I would like to thank the launching models of "Aksstagga" my brother-in-law Yagyesh, my son Adhiraj (Krishiv), my daughter Akshita (Someya), her school bestie Bhavya and my daughter's childhood Buddy Abhay, from the very core of my heart, for the lovely launching shoot they gave tirelessly and to the best of their efforts. In the future also we plan to follow this pattern and use people behind the inspiration for the themes to come. Your appreciation and encouragement are always welcomed for "Aksstagga's" story to continue.

We Hope To Deliver What We Promise

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